React Nested JSON

A simple nested JSON localization format that can be used with react-intl to localize your ReactJS apps.

Applanga provides a React Native Localization SDK for native apps to completely automate the localization of React Native apps. Alternatively, you can either import and export the localizable json files manually on the dashboard or you can automate your react json translation process with the Applanga Localization CLI.


File Extension
CLI format key
CLI Supported
SDK Supported
String Description Supported
Pluralization Supported


  "empty_string_key": "",
  "with_description_key": "This key has a description in some file-formats.",
  "with_line_break_key": "This key has a line break\nin it.",
  "nested_key": {
    "level_one_a": {
      "level_two": "A deeply nested key."
    "level_one_b": "A nested key."
  "plural_key": {
    "one": "Plural key one",
    "other": "Plural key other",
    "zero": "Plural key zero"
  "array_key": [
    "first entry",
    "second entry",
    "third entry"
  "simple_key": "Most basic translation."

Wrapped String Ids

During file imports sometimes some parts of string id's may be wrapped in quotes if they contain a . (dot). You can find more info on wrapped string Ids here.