Translation Order Delivery

How translated content is delivered to Applanga

Once the translation workflow is complete, the translations are uploaded to the order as delivery files and automatically added to the project. At this stage, the order is automatically set to the Done status.

Translations from your order will be automatically imported into the Applanga project as Draft values by default.

Draft values are considered proposed translations which can be reviewed and, as such, they are not immediately published to your integrated app.

On Applanga, target translations are marked in green and drafts are marked in yellow. Target translations are available to app users and for export from Applanga. To publish draft translations (and make them target translations), you can (1) filter for “Unpublished”, (2) select all strings and (3) click Publish. These steps will need to be repeated for each language.

If you want translations to be immediately available to the integrated app and its users, these can be delivered directly as published translations (Target values). To have translation delivered as Target values, speak with TransPerfect Translations services or the Applanga support team and they will update the translation delivery settings.

Source and delivery files can be found under the order's Project Details section. Both sets of files are hyperlinked so that you can download them in XLIFF format. This way, you can download and import the source or delivery files back into your project anytime (if needed).

Next to the files, there is a compare feature (marker A) that allows you to view the changes between the source and the delivery files. The Link button (marker B) opens the editor view in a new tab and it displays only those strings that belong to the order for that language.

If any updates are made to a delivery file, these are included in a new version in the Delivery Files column. In turn, the editor view will always display the newest version of the translated strings.